Billionaire Minds Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to training and equipping the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.  The focus of Billionaire Minds, Inc. is to provide training, mentoring, internships,and positive learning environments that help to stimulate creativity, expand perspectives, and broaden alternatives for our leaders of tomorrow. 

The Small Business Administration has cited"The future of American enterprise is being shaped by young people of today who are filled with dreams, have a passion for change, hope for the future and a desire to succeed.  Pursuing business knowledge at an early age is an important ingredient for future success."  As we encounter youth across America, we recognize a readiness in them to be empowered NOW with the ingredients that will foster strong leaders and entrepreneurs who will influence our homes,communities, companies and help change the economic posture of this nation. 

In response to the above, we have developed the following programs:

Monthly Business & Leadership Seminars
Every month an informative seminar is posted online for your convenience.  These seminars cover a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, leadership, financial strategies, marketing, social networking and much more.  You may view these seminars on demand.

Entrepreneurial Certificate Course

Billionaire Minds has developed a certification curriculum that covers a variety of topics and covers the basic elements of starting, running, and managing a business.  Upon completion of the entire curriculum, you will receive a certificate of completion from Billionaire Minds.

The Billionaire Minds Internship Program
The Internship program is a non paid internship that pairs bright and promising individuals with businesses in their field of interest.  The interns gain invaluable mentoring, coaching, and experience while the businesses receive additional labor, fresh perspectives, and an opportunity to give learning experience to those who need it. Each intern receives a $5000 value of training, information, and tools,including a laptop, business software, and start up business kits and services.

Billionaire Mind EVENT

Billionaire Minds sponsors various events around the country. These events are geared towards motivating, informing, and networking those who are headed for success, by providing access to resources, information and the leaders of today and tomorrow.   Stay tuned for an upcoming event in your area. 


The Billionaire Minds Boot Camp

Billionaire Minds Boot Camps are extensive training sessions covering a variety of topics, but particularly focusing on business, organization, leadership and entrepreneurship.
Boot Camps are customized programs for organizations.  If you would like additional information, send an

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